Vall de Boí

Where the Pyrenees touch the sky

Active tourism

Vall de Boi’s wonderful geographical situation allows for the practice of sports the whole year round

Vall de Boi is a special place for climbing
Vall de Boí is the starting point to a good number of ascents and traverses of varying difficulty and duration.
Canyoning is an aquatic activity that combines different techniques to descend canyons.
In Vall de Boí you will find different possibilities for cycling
La Rutlla is a riding centre which organises horseback riding for children and also you can find nature activities and farm animals.
Two different fisching preserves. High mountain area or intensive preserve.
Paragliding is an easy way to fly, the most similar you can get to a bird’s flight.
Calendar of the races and competitions in the area
Nature, peace, freedom, landscape, health ... this is trail running.
Vall de Boí is currently the region of the Pyrenees with more quantity and variety of ice climbing routes.